A Bungalow Detached Residential Property In An Amiable Location

There is a good reason why tourists are so smitten with Taman Tun. They find this township just perfect to spend their vacation with and some even contemplate on moving here for good. So, how about you? Are you interested in moving in this part of Malaysia for good? Do you think that this is just perfect for you and your family? If you say yes, you can check out a real catch property that is a bungalow type and detached. However, while most of the bungalow-type properties are just a single-storey house, this one has two storeys. Yes, this is indeed huge and is just perfect for a family man. 

For more information about this residential bungalow type property, feel free to check below:

  • It is partially furnished. So, if you are planning to move here, you should check beforehand what appliances are already available so you can just shop for the lacking ones. Being partially furnished has its perks actually as you can just start living in it without having to buy the lacking appliances right away. This is the best option if you are short of funds. You can just make do of the available furniture for the time being. 
  • This is perfect for those who want to be in a piece and quiet neighborhood. Yes, this is what you will get if you buy this property and your neighbors are mostly nice. For sure they will be glad to welcome new faces and you won’t feel awkward at all. 
  • The property is in a community where the traffic is usually low. This is quite advantageous when you have emergencies. To think that most of the time, traffic is really bad, sometimes, you think that walking is faster. 

So, do you think the mentioned property is just perfect for you? Or maybe you also want to check out other areas in Malaysia with good options of properties? Yes, there are many of them and in fact, Damansara Perdana might also be a good option. It has a lot of great properties as well.

The bungalow type property is a very good choice already. If you think this is what is best for your family, you should give the assigned broker a call or you can also directly contact the owner. It is best though to see the actual property before deciding. 

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Bessie Reyes Administrator
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