Sports coaching postgraduate

Sports coaching and sports psychology are emerging as key for those coaches and sports professionals aware that it is necessary to understand and train mental aspects of athletes in addition to their technique, tactics and physical condition. This postgraduate course is aimed at graduates and graduates in physical education (CAFE), psychology, educational sciences and other degrees who seek to expand their stock of knowledge and skills by training in the principles and techniques of coaching and psychology of the applied sport, to work with athletes and teams, to work with athletes and teams. During this postgraduate degree, the student acquires new knowledge and develops new skills necessary to lead as a leader-coach and to be able to effectively accompany athletes and teams to develop their potential and increase their performance.

The fundamental objective of this training is for the student to acquire knowledge and develop skills to lead and develop the talent of athletes and sports teams. The student is encouraged to seek excellence, learn from experience, and maintain continuous improvement. The training develops the ability to lead in sports environments accompanying athletes and teams to develop their potential to improve their performance and achieve excellence: It is carried out through very practical face-to-face and experiential classes, on Tuesday afternoons, from January to June .The student develops the communication and relational skills necessary to develop talent and optimize the performance of athletes and the team. To train as competent coach-leaders to lead effectively in sports environments in the 21st century. Mastering the communication tools at Widad University of sports coaching, including active listening, powerful questions, building trust, giving effective feedback and visualization to accompany change.

Degree › Sports Training

A Bachelor’s degree is a university degree awarded by universities and other educational institutions to students who have completed a study program. Most Degrees last three or four years, some lasting up to seven years.

Sports coaches use a variety of methods to maximize the potential of the players they drive. The discipline of sports training is based on multiple knowledge bases, including game strategy, exercise physiology, and sports psychology.

Benefits of individual executive coaching

Boost leadership, help inspire other people.

It increases your self-knowledge and helps you enhance your talents and strengths.

Helps in conflict resolution.

It helps to align the interests of the person with the corporate ones, to maximize performance and the fulfilment of objectives.

It positively affects work-life balance and time management.

Train to know how to set better, easier and more efficient strategies and objectives.

Helps generate and maintain commitment, responsibility and initiative.

It improves the relationship of the manager or executive with his team, his hierarchical superiors and, in general, with the entire organization. For more articles like this one, click here

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What Is Technology Management?

Everything related to technological management is still in the process of being defined due to recent reflections on the subject, the constant changes in the rules, models, values, procedures and institutions required to configure the new general logic of business management in the context of the new techno-economic paradigm. The complexity and speed of the changes that are taking place, the intensive use of knowledge, technology and innovation as dominant factors responsible for the success of companies in the new business environment, demand new management practices.

This need for an intentional and systematic search for the development of innovations supported by technology, at the rate imposed by the speed of knowledge and market changes, is promoting technology management as the most important function in business management, as it is the responsible for managing the key resource for competitiveness.

In general terms, the concepts of management, administration and management are synonymous despite great efforts and discussions to differentiate them. In practice, the term management translated as administration but also as management is observed. And in classical books they are taken as synonyms. The essence of this concept – administration, management, and management – is that all three refer to “a process of planning, organizing, directing, evaluating and controlling” as suggested at the beginning of the course of “Diploma pengurusan pejabat.

Technological management is the discipline in which knowledge of engineering, science and administration in order to carry out the planning, development and implementation of technological solutions that contribute to the achievement of the strategic and technical objectives of an organization. The objective of technology management is not limited to the company being able to apply technology successfully on some occasions, but rather seeks to establish a heightened awareness of the need to continuously manage applied technology.

Technology management is knowledge and it is practical. It is a system of knowledge and practices related to the processes of creation, development, transfer and use of technology.


The concurrence of opportunities presented by technological availability and the best management practices in the field of strategy, allow organizations to obtain results, which until recently could be seen as utopian. Knowledge and technology are available to all organizations, in reality what is needed is the will to dare to change

In essence, what helps a company to compete better is not the technology itself, but the ability to manage it for the benefit of the business against competitors and in harmony with the rest of its strategic functions.

Managing IT requires a parallel planning process that is in turn part of the organization’s strategic, tactical, and operational planning.

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Why Go for An Apartment For Rent in Kota Kinabalu Properties?

kota kinabalu

When going for the apartment Kota Kinabalu. An important check, which the notary usually carries out before buying the house, is that of the mortgage situation. The verification must be carried out at the Real Estate Registry and will give you an account if the house for sale kota kinabalu is burdened with mortgages or foreclosures.

Renting the Right House

Buying a rented house, made the necessary checks, can turn out to be a good business, because the presence of a tenant causes the valuation of the property to drop by up to 30%. One of the main unknowns in buying a house occupied by tenants is that, once the contract has expired, they will not leave. The eviction procedure for termination of the lease must therefore be undertaken.

There are two ways to go hand in hand, the intimation, with which the tenant is invited to behave according to the agreements and at the same time the summons before a judge. If the tenant does not appear at the hearing or does not object, the judge releases the executive eviction which takes effect after 30 days. If, on the other hand, it is established and unfounded reasons are presented, the ordinance is immediately enforceable. Things get complicated, however, if the judge recognizes “serious reasons” that prevent the eviction. In that case it is necessary to find an agreement or wait.

kota kinabalu

What to observe during the visit to the house

In this section you will find the one main factor to carefully observe during the examination visit and a final form that you can print and fill in, in order to have a complete evaluation of the property to be kept and compared to other properties visited. This way you can get a complete picture of the house you are planning to buy, with all the pros.

Cracks in the walls

Look around the walls and inspect the ceiling to check for any cracks, which can be a symptom of ground instability or subsidence depending on the severity, this type of problem can be very expensive to fix. The cracks present in the load-bearing structures are obviously those that deserve more attention, they depend on various external or internal actions and each of these involves a different visual manifestation:

  • Cracks due to actions due to too high loads on the structure.
  • Cracks and cracks due to deterioration due to poor quality of the materials.
  • Injuries due to subsidence of the foundation soil.
  • Structural degradation due to corrosion of the internal metal reinforcements of beams, pillars, floors.
  • Injuries due to thermal expansion due to fires.
  • Cracks in structures due to shrinkage or expansion of construction materials.
  • Differential absorption of humidity with freeze and thaw cycles.
  • Cracks due to ancient or recent seismic actions.

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Property Solutions in Malaysia Presently with Ara Damansara condominium

Also, have the technical documentation for the property submitted. For new apartments, this should definitely not be a problem. In the case of older flats (especially in the case of flats that have undergone privatization), such documentation often did not even exist, or it simply did not fall into the hands of the new owners. In any case, they will issue this documentation (with the owner’s consent) to the relevant building authority. Also, have any revision reports submitted. Did the owners let the windows, for example, be changed at their own expense? The Ara Damansara condominium will be the best there, or maybe you could also check out the Bandar Utama condo for rent.

Find Out Information About The Accessories Of The Apartment

Don’t forget to ask what is actually part of the purchase. Is the advertisement presenting the possibility of using the common garden in front of the apartment building? That’s great, but is a share of such a garden part of the purchase or not? Is the purchase also a share in the land under the apartment building? Historically, this may not be the case in some cases, and for the bank, it may again be a problem in obtaining a mortgage loan. Is a parking space part of the apartment? Is the cellar for sale, or is it only for use? And what about other common parts of the house?

Apartment Location

Imagine that you are going to move into a new apartment. Think about where the living room will be – will the world side suit you so that there is enough light in the living room during the day? Do you need to have a children’s room or bedroom situated on the south side due to the heat? Check the sides of the world. Is the apartment located across the house so that it can be easily ventilated? 

Great! Are the windows in the apartment only situated on one side (mostly “middle” apartments)?

Very often, apartments on the ground floor are also cheaper. Simply because they are often noisier – in the lower floors there is a greater throughput of the inhabitants of the house, or the traffic from the street can be heard more, but also because they can be an easier target for potential robbers. If the apartment is located on the ground floor, it may also more often have a problem with humidity or you have to count on higher heat consumption. If no one lives below you except the cold unheated cellar, you will have to heat more. To read more information like this, click here.

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Fruitful Suggestion for selayang condo for sale

If you plan to check a selayang condo for sale or a selayang apartment through a real estate agency, then before concluding an agreement with them, look at the reviews for this company, go to the courts’ websites, fill in the data of the company you have chosen. What if they are already being sued over poorly performed work? If the company is worthy and you are confident in it, get ready for a deal.

The Best Market

The residential real estate market has long been a fertile ground for those wishing to enrich themselves at someone else’s expense. In order not to join the ranks of the ingloriously deceived, you should exercise the utmost care. Examining the future housing, one should pay attention not only to the interior, but also to the state of communications. 

They, firstly, must be in good working order, and secondly, they must correspond to the technical documentation. Otherwise, disputes with the management company and the housing inspectorate, which threaten with a fine or the cost of restoring the property to its original state, are not excluded. It will be useful to check payments for the last three years. So the buyer can not only get an idea of ​​their future expenses, but also make sure that there are no debts on utility bills.

  • You can find out who is registered in the apartment by an extract from the house book. Without due diligence, you can get unwanted tenants along with housing.
  • Carefully study the certificate of ownership and the documents on the basis of which it was issued. In addition, independently request an extract from Rosreestr. It contains up-to-date information not only about who is the owner of the apartment, but also information about arrests, encumbrances, etc. It is also necessary to make sure that the owner of the apartment acts on the part of the seller. The powers of his representative must be confirmed by a notarized power of attorney.

Buying an apartment should start with an assessment of your own financial capabilities and financing method

First, you need to decide what amount of savings is available, what is the real monthly cash income for you and your family members who will participate in financing the purchase. Then you need to choose a financing system.

The best option is when you have the opportunity to collect and deposit the entire amount. At the same time, not all funds can be yours. Part of the amount can be borrowed from relatives or friends, with whom you will gradually pay off.

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A Bungalow Detached Residential Property In An Amiable Location

There is a good reason why tourists are so smitten with Taman Tun. They find this township just perfect to spend their vacation with and some even contemplate on moving here for good. So, how about you? Are you interested in moving in this part of Malaysia for good? Do you think that this is just perfect for you and your family? If you say yes, you can check out a real catch property that is a bungalow type and detached. However, while most of the bungalow-type properties are just a single-storey house, this one has two storeys. Yes, this is indeed huge and is just perfect for a family man. 

For more information about this residential bungalow type property, feel free to check below:

  • It is partially furnished. So, if you are planning to move here, you should check beforehand what appliances are already available so you can just shop for the lacking ones. Being partially furnished has its perks actually as you can just start living in it without having to buy the lacking appliances right away. This is the best option if you are short of funds. You can just make do of the available furniture for the time being. 
  • This is perfect for those who want to be in a piece and quiet neighborhood. Yes, this is what you will get if you buy this property and your neighbors are mostly nice. For sure they will be glad to welcome new faces and you won’t feel awkward at all. 
  • The property is in a community where the traffic is usually low. This is quite advantageous when you have emergencies. To think that most of the time, traffic is really bad, sometimes, you think that walking is faster. 

So, do you think the mentioned property is just perfect for you? Or maybe you also want to check out other areas in Malaysia with good options of properties? Yes, there are many of them and in fact, Damansara Perdana might also be a good option. It has a lot of great properties as well.

The bungalow type property is a very good choice already. If you think this is what is best for your family, you should give the assigned broker a call or you can also directly contact the owner. It is best though to see the actual property before deciding. 

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The Perfect Venue For The Most Important Day Of Your Life


Weddings are an eventful time in anyone’s lives. Marriage is not a joke and should be taken seriously. Being with someone for the rest of your life needs careful planning and thinking. For most people, weddings happen only once. That’s why they put their all to make it a memorable they. Planning a wedding event is hard because there are too many things to take care of including looking for the perfect venue or choosing just the perfect wedding packages, click here for the best malay wedding packages


Yes, the wedding venue can either make or break your big day and this is why you should make sure to do this task well. After all, this is not an ordinary event as is mentioned above, and you will surely regret if this will be messed up just because you have not chosen the right venue for your big day. This can be a daunting process though, but with the following tips, everything should be fine. Check this out:

  • Your Budget

No matter what you have in mind, everything should start with your budget. Yes, whatever your plans are, they will always depend on how much you can afford. That said, before starting anything, you should already establish your budget and you should not go beyond that. Yes, this is your big day and it is just right that you splurge on this day, but then again, you should also consider the fact that there is still life after your wedding, and you will also need money then. 

  • The Guest List

When choosing the venue, you need to consider the number of guests you plan to have. So, it goes without saying that if you are a big family, and your partner has a big family as well, you can expect that you will have a lot of guests and thus, you should choose a bigger venue for your big day. 

  • Your Wedding Date

Yes, the wedding date will matter a lot as if you will have your wedding in the wedding season or when there are people who love to also tie the knot on that date, it means you might not be able to get the venue you like. Therefore, if that is the case, you should book for that venue the earliest possible time. 

  • Location

Sometimes, we will be too excited naming venues that are really great and romantic. But then again, we might not be able to calculate the distance of that venue from your house or from the church where you will be wed. So, if you still have to choose the venue, make sure to also consider the location of the church where you will be wed. It would be unreasonable to choose a venue that is quite far from the church. 

This is your big day. This is the day where you will announce to the world that you will be leaving your home and will start a new life with your man and thus, it is just right that this will become a really special day. 

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How to Sell Your Home Fast

Are you planning to sell your home? You must be and you are trying to find tips on how to do it fast! If the reason why you decide to sell your home right now is for you to move to a new place and you are looking for a place to rent, why don’t you check out the house for rent Puncak Alam? This is a good property and in a really great location. You can also try checking out some of the properties for sale in Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur if you plan to buy a new home after selling your current place. 

Yes, if you have to move, it is a must that you sell your property fast so you can start with your new life. how can you do that? How can you make most of the homebuyers love your home? Here are some tips:

  • Let the homebuyers assume that your place has a lot of storages. You see, every homebuyer would want to check the storage first and this is why you have to show them that you have what they need. If you have a lot of things cramped in your storages right now, it would be better if you will store them somewhere else in the meantime. This way, your place would look like it has a lot of storages to offer. 
  • Try to freshen up the paint of your home. No one would want to move into something shabby as just like you, they too want to have a fresh start. This is why you should invest in new paint. Try something that will accentuate the windows and mouldings as they are designed as decorations as well. They can add to the aesthetics of your property. 
  • One of the most common things that homebuyers will love is for their place to be bathed with the natural bounty of the sun. Thus, see to it that such is what your home can offer. Stay away from heavy curtains that can make your place look dark and gloomy as it will never be attractive that way. 
  • Another thing that most homebuyers want is a home that is cosy to look at. Yes, and this is why you should add some things that will make your place inviting. You don’t need to spend that much to achieve this as with simple but creative ideas, this can already accomplish such a bottom line. 
  • Give your appliances a new look. Yes, and in doing that, it does not mean you will scrap some of them, but if they are already showing some defects, you might want to have them repaired so they will at least look functional again. 

Yes, despite the competition, you can still find ways to sell your home fast so you can start a new life quicker with your new home. You only need to find ways of making homebuyers love your home. 

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List of Ridiculous Lies About Exercise: What’s The Truth?

Weight loss pills, supplements, ridiculous 100 crunches routine. How many trends have you tried and never seemed to work? 

Exercise trends are now the mainstream of the 21st century. The wellness mainstream also made its way all the way into the poker world and well-known poker online blogs as well. That’s not exactly a far-fetched relation since poker is an extremely complex game and exercise only increases our intellectual capabilities. 

So let’s debunk the myths that people believe about exercise and face some cold hard truths. 

  • Weight Lifting Bulks You Up.

How many times have you tried to lift the weights at the gym in the hopes of popping some good old muscles as fast as possible? If only it were that easy.

Weight lifting does not bulk us up. Bulking up is a steady mixture of your diet and a specialized form of training. Lifting a couple of weights will not give you additional muscles but it will definitely tone you up. Weight lifting is an integral and vital part of our fitness routine. 

Even for women. if you are a woman worried about weights bulking you up, fret not. This is one of the biggest lies we have been told about weights. 

Weight lifting, on the other hand, does build up our stamina, tones our tummies, regulates our hormones, and improves your overall health. 

  • Crunches = Abs

Another sad lie we tell ourselves. Mainstream youtube videos titled “100 crunches to lose weight FAST” have really bullied us into believing that crunches can give us magical abs.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, crunches will definitely give you the six-pack you are dreaming of.  You cannot spot reduce fat. 

For your body to show any form of result from ab exercises such as crunches, you must lose weight overall from your body. This means you have to stick to exercises that work out your entire body. Cardio and lightweight training are great ways to lose fat from all over your body. 

  • Exercising Will Change Your Fat Into Muscles

Fat cells are not like currency, you cannot exchange them for another form of currency. Cells cannot change into another form, so this means that fat cells are not automatically changed to muscle cells when you exercise.

 However, on the other hand, strength training will help you build muscles. Cardio can help you burn fat. 

  • Sweating Burns Fat

First of all, there, are two myths to debunk in this one statement. Sweating is not how you lose weight. Sweating only helps us regulate our body temperature, especially in a hot and humid environment. 

Sweating is a result of your body trying to create a stable environment for you to expend energy. When people do see a drop in the weight scale after an intense exercise, the drop on the scale is only because of the water weight you lost. Please make sure you rehydrate yourself after exercise. Losing excessive water weight can be dangerous. 

Secondly, fat does not burn or melt. Fat is lost in a complicated metabolic process, but it is certainly not literally burning when we exercise. Fat is lost from the body when it gets released into your body as a means to provide you energy. 

  • You Can Eat As Much As You Want While Exercising

Exercising certainly boosts your metabolic rate and you may be able to eat more without gaining weight. But bear in mind, to lose weight you have to stay in a caloric deficit. A caloric deficit is when you eat fewer than the calories you expend.


To understand more about exercise, be sure to research the ultimate truth. This post debunks the major myths that most people tend to believe. For your exercises to be effective, it is important you stay educated about the reality of exercise. 

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The Dangers of Online Casinos

Before online casinos were established, to have some gaming excitement, gamers had to fly from far and large to the nearest land-based casino. The true period of the online casinos’ creation is a question but many claim it officially began back in 1994. There are more than one hundred online casinos today, such as 918kiss, where players can play and although it is more comfortable than planning a visit to a land-based casino there are also downfalls as well. We’ll be taking a peek at all the drawbacks that arise with online gaming.

Makes us lonely

Although online casinos give lots of convenience since you don’t have to drive far or pay additional costs, it still cuts you out of the engagement. This does not sound like a major deal for anyone, but for ardent online players, this may become an issue. Online casinos are becoming increasingly common and people are pouring in from across the world to play in some of the greatest-tech and finest-designed online games. Playing online casinos enables you to play games with stunning visuals, apt sound effects, enjoyable animations and lots of special features.

That being said, these games will take a huge amount of your time and of course you won’t have access to much social contact when playing these games. We, as human beings, require human interaction; discussions are essential to our happiness and well-being. Although the bulk of video games appear to prevent you from social contact, corporations are looking for bigger and greater developments to build a more realistic environment due to the continuous growth of the market. This facilitates social contact, but it is said there’s still a ways away to go before the contact distance can be truly filled.

Leads to overspending

Another of the great things about online casinos is that you can begin playing in minutes and you do not have to quit fully until you can play again if you don’t have enough coins during your games. Typically, online casinos employ a series of payment methods which are assured to operate with all players.

These strategies are trustworthy and safe but the dilemma is that it becomes much more convenient to invest. The little transition away from the machines or table games at land based casinos appears to be a wakeup call. Usually, this causes you to get out of your trance or saves you from wasting more than you can. It’s not always effective, so being able to keep playing whilst visiting the cashier can become much more challenging for just another transaction at an online casino.

Risks of scams

You can see infinite information about potential casinos to play at while browsing for an online casino. The concern is that most of these casino sites online aren’t entirely reliable. It will be advised to always do some deep investigation before you begin playing at an online casino. Gambling can be enjoyable, but it’s for the earnings as well, and where you spend your hard-earned cash.

You have to be very sure when it comes to your finances before entering some online casino. Do your casino analysis, start reading up on player ratings and verify that the website is genuine. Often online gambling sites manipulate players with huge prizes and the reward never arrives until you finally receive a win worthy of cashing out. Finding an online casino that addresses their license, has a protected site and has good player reviews is critical.

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