How to Choose the Right Watch Style?

The Sportsman

Do you love going to the gym, and playing different sports? For a passionate sportsman and fitness enthusiast who is looking for a smartwatch alternative, a stainless-steel chronograph is a good option. It is masculine, sleek and sturdy, and has a reliable chronograph function that you can use to monitor your laps. IT wouldn’t count lost calories, and map your run, but is a handsome choice for someone who wants to keep it low key and traditional.

The City Slicker

There are tons of other mechanical wristwatches in Malaysia that you can choose, but very few are sophisticated enough for the corporate world. Go for a classy, impressive timepiece with that you can wear at the office. Find a classical watch is perfect for back-to-back meetings and busy conferences.

The Minimalist

Are you fond of neutral colors and clean lines? Chances are, you are a minimalist, and is looking for a simple watch to wear on a regular basis. Well then, distance yourself away from grand watch complications. Many men settle for an all-black color scheme that is complemented by contrasting markers.

The Weekender

Look for the best watch that bridges the gap between casual and smart. It’s best to settle for one that looks smart enough for chinos and shirts. Versatility is the key styling factor here. Buy one with a brown leather strap, muted gold dial, and black ion-plated bezel. A chronograph function is also amazing to have. The weekender deserves an ultimate watch all-rounder.

The Sartorialist

How to choose a watch that makes a sartorial statement? You need a timepiece that can hold its own. Whether you are getting a watch for showstopping outfits and party season, it’s time to break out the big guns. Go for a gold timepiece. It is impactful and elegant and can be worn with quality patent leather.

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Which Hand Should I Wear my Watch?

Keeping up with different fashion rules is exhausting. At this day and age, it seems like each new piece of accessory or clothing must be worn in accordance with a certain rule. This includes watches. Do you love shopping for watches for women in Malaysia? Every time you get a new watch, it seems like you must remind yourself of the different rules that come with wearing it.

For some people, wearing a watch is not as simple as slapping it on the wrist. Do you wear yours on your left or right wrist?

Watch on the left or right wrist?

Should the watch go to your left or right wrist? The basic answer to this is that in general, your timepiece goes to the non-dominant hand. This means that you must wear the watch on that hand which doesn’t do much of your actions. If you are right handed, the left-dominant one is your left hand.

Wearing the watch on the non-dominant hand means that you can check the time while you are doing a task on the dominant hand. However, for some individuals, it’s better to wear their watch on the dominant hand for purposes of functionality and comfort.

A lot of people prefer to wear their watches on the non-dominant hand, though this is not basically a rule.

What about men and women?

At some point, you may have read or heard somewhere that men must wear their timepieces on the right hand, while the women on the left. There really is no evidence that that fashion rule ever existed. However, it is true that during the first world war, wrist watches were considered as an accessory solely for women. Though, once the soldiers started to wear field watches on the field, that notion just went out of the window.

The psychology of wearing watches on the left or right wrist

Some individuals claim that there is a psychological reason for wearing watches on a specific wrist. While others claim that it indicates absent-mindedness and dominant personality, it’s really difficult to believe that there is truth to this claim.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way of wearing a watch. If you are more comfortable wearing it on your left wrist, then let it stay there. Instead of thinking about this matter, just focus more on watch sizing, and making the most out of watch complications.

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Five (5) Beautiful Watches to Buy for You

If you are looking for a mens designer watches in Malaysia, you can choose a lot of choices of what typ of watch you want to buy for yourself.

Omega Seamaster 300M

You will love the Seamaster 300’s sand-blasted black dial. There are so many men’s watches, but if you want to bring out your inner James Bond, settle for this model. Its resale value is rapidly increasing! Also, if you just look hard enough, you might just end up with its quartz version, which Omega will phase out soon.

Panerai Luminor Base

This valuable watch has a hand-wound Panerai OP I calibre, as well as a 56-hour power reserve. A cushion-shaped timepiece, this timepiece is a modern cult phenomenon that will make the perfect watch investment. Moreover, every Panerai model is limited, so each watch you buy from them is set to become an expensive collectible.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is one of the newest additions to this line’s family. If you are looking for a good diver watch, settle with this one. Its stainless steel reflects the unique elements of Tudor’s history.

Rolex Submariner

There is no doubt that Submariner is one of the most popular and successful dive watches of all time. Its movement is cased in a sturdy stainless-steel case, and is waterproof to up around 1,000 feet. Rolex is a reputable luxury brand, and all of its sports watches are sure investments.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Automatic

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is composed of 40 jewels and 280 parts. It features a 60-hour power reserve. For some good reason, this watch has barely changed since the year 1972, so you can consider it as a valuable piece of history.

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