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If you plan to check a selayang condo for sale or a selayang apartment through a real estate agency, then before concluding an agreement with them, look at the reviews for this company, go to the courts’ websites, fill in the data of the company you have chosen. What if they are already being sued over poorly performed work? If the company is worthy and you are confident in it, get ready for a deal.

The Best Market

The residential real estate market has long been a fertile ground for those wishing to enrich themselves at someone else’s expense. In order not to join the ranks of the ingloriously deceived, you should exercise the utmost care. Examining the future housing, one should pay attention not only to the interior, but also to the state of communications. 

They, firstly, must be in good working order, and secondly, they must correspond to the technical documentation. Otherwise, disputes with the management company and the housing inspectorate, which threaten with a fine or the cost of restoring the property to its original state, are not excluded. It will be useful to check payments for the last three years. So the buyer can not only get an idea of ​​their future expenses, but also make sure that there are no debts on utility bills.

  • You can find out who is registered in the apartment by an extract from the house book. Without due diligence, you can get unwanted tenants along with housing.
  • Carefully study the certificate of ownership and the documents on the basis of which it was issued. In addition, independently request an extract from Rosreestr. It contains up-to-date information not only about who is the owner of the apartment, but also information about arrests, encumbrances, etc. It is also necessary to make sure that the owner of the apartment acts on the part of the seller. The powers of his representative must be confirmed by a notarized power of attorney.

Buying an apartment should start with an assessment of your own financial capabilities and financing method

First, you need to decide what amount of savings is available, what is the real monthly cash income for you and your family members who will participate in financing the purchase. Then you need to choose a financing system.

The best option is when you have the opportunity to collect and deposit the entire amount. At the same time, not all funds can be yours. Part of the amount can be borrowed from relatives or friends, with whom you will gradually pay off.

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