List of Ridiculous Lies About Exercise: What’s The Truth?

Weight loss pills, supplements, ridiculous 100 crunches routine. How many trends have you tried and never seemed to work? 

Exercise trends are now the mainstream of the 21st century. The wellness mainstream also made its way all the way into the poker world and well-known poker online blogs as well. That’s not exactly a far-fetched relation since poker is an extremely complex game and exercise only increases our intellectual capabilities. 

So let’s debunk the myths that people believe about exercise and face some cold hard truths. 

  • Weight Lifting Bulks You Up.

How many times have you tried to lift the weights at the gym in the hopes of popping some good old muscles as fast as possible? If only it were that easy.

Weight lifting does not bulk us up. Bulking up is a steady mixture of your diet and a specialized form of training. Lifting a couple of weights will not give you additional muscles but it will definitely tone you up. Weight lifting is an integral and vital part of our fitness routine. 

Even for women. if you are a woman worried about weights bulking you up, fret not. This is one of the biggest lies we have been told about weights. 

Weight lifting, on the other hand, does build up our stamina, tones our tummies, regulates our hormones, and improves your overall health. 

  • Crunches = Abs

Another sad lie we tell ourselves. Mainstream youtube videos titled “100 crunches to lose weight FAST” have really bullied us into believing that crunches can give us magical abs.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, crunches will definitely give you the six-pack you are dreaming of.  You cannot spot reduce fat. 

For your body to show any form of result from ab exercises such as crunches, you must lose weight overall from your body. This means you have to stick to exercises that work out your entire body. Cardio and lightweight training are great ways to lose fat from all over your body. 

  • Exercising Will Change Your Fat Into Muscles

Fat cells are not like currency, you cannot exchange them for another form of currency. Cells cannot change into another form, so this means that fat cells are not automatically changed to muscle cells when you exercise.

 However, on the other hand, strength training will help you build muscles. Cardio can help you burn fat. 

  • Sweating Burns Fat

First of all, there, are two myths to debunk in this one statement. Sweating is not how you lose weight. Sweating only helps us regulate our body temperature, especially in a hot and humid environment. 

Sweating is a result of your body trying to create a stable environment for you to expend energy. When people do see a drop in the weight scale after an intense exercise, the drop on the scale is only because of the water weight you lost. Please make sure you rehydrate yourself after exercise. Losing excessive water weight can be dangerous. 

Secondly, fat does not burn or melt. Fat is lost in a complicated metabolic process, but it is certainly not literally burning when we exercise. Fat is lost from the body when it gets released into your body as a means to provide you energy. 

  • You Can Eat As Much As You Want While Exercising

Exercising certainly boosts your metabolic rate and you may be able to eat more without gaining weight. But bear in mind, to lose weight you have to stay in a caloric deficit. A caloric deficit is when you eat fewer than the calories you expend.


To understand more about exercise, be sure to research the ultimate truth. This post debunks the major myths that most people tend to believe. For your exercises to be effective, it is important you stay educated about the reality of exercise. 

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