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Also, have the technical documentation for the property submitted. For new apartments, this should definitely not be a problem. In the case of older flats (especially in the case of flats that have undergone privatization), such documentation often did not even exist, or it simply did not fall into the hands of the new owners. In any case, they will issue this documentation (with the owner’s consent) to the relevant building authority. Also, have any revision reports submitted. Did the owners let the windows, for example, be changed at their own expense? The Ara Damansara condominium will be the best there, or maybe you could also check out the Bandar Utama condo for rent.

Find Out Information About The Accessories Of The Apartment

Don’t forget to ask what is actually part of the purchase. Is the advertisement presenting the possibility of using the common garden in front of the apartment building? That’s great, but is a share of such a garden part of the purchase or not? Is the purchase also a share in the land under the apartment building? Historically, this may not be the case in some cases, and for the bank, it may again be a problem in obtaining a mortgage loan. Is a parking space part of the apartment? Is the cellar for sale, or is it only for use? And what about other common parts of the house?

Apartment Location

Imagine that you are going to move into a new apartment. Think about where the living room will be – will the world side suit you so that there is enough light in the living room during the day? Do you need to have a children’s room or bedroom situated on the south side due to the heat? Check the sides of the world. Is the apartment located across the house so that it can be easily ventilated?¬†

Great! Are the windows in the apartment only situated on one side (mostly “middle” apartments)?

Very often, apartments on the ground floor are also cheaper. Simply because they are often noisier Рin the lower floors there is a greater throughput of the inhabitants of the house, or the traffic from the street can be heard more, but also because they can be an easier target for potential robbers. If the apartment is located on the ground floor, it may also more often have a problem with humidity or you have to count on higher heat consumption. If no one lives below you except the cold unheated cellar, you will have to heat more. To read more information like this, click here.

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