Why Go for An Apartment For Rent in Kota Kinabalu Properties?

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When going for the apartment Kota Kinabalu. An important check, which the notary usually carries out before buying the house, is that of the mortgage situation. The verification must be carried out at the Real Estate Registry and will give you an account if the house for sale kota kinabalu is burdened with mortgages or foreclosures.

Renting the Right House

Buying a rented house, made the necessary checks, can turn out to be a good business, because the presence of a tenant causes the valuation of the property to drop by up to 30%. One of the main unknowns in buying a house occupied by tenants is that, once the contract has expired, they will not leave. The eviction procedure for termination of the lease must therefore be undertaken.

There are two ways to go hand in hand, the intimation, with which the tenant is invited to behave according to the agreements and at the same time the summons before a judge. If the tenant does not appear at the hearing or does not object, the judge releases the executive eviction which takes effect after 30 days. If, on the other hand, it is established and unfounded reasons are presented, the ordinance is immediately enforceable. Things get complicated, however, if the judge recognizes “serious reasons” that prevent the eviction. In that case it is necessary to find an agreement or wait.

kota kinabalu

What to observe during the visit to the house

In this section you will find the one main factor to carefully observe during the examination visit and a final form that you can print and fill in, in order to have a complete evaluation of the property to be kept and compared to other properties visited. This way you can get a complete picture of the house you are planning to buy, with all the pros.

Cracks in the walls

Look around the walls and inspect the ceiling to check for any cracks, which can be a symptom of ground instability or subsidence depending on the severity, this type of problem can be very expensive to fix. The cracks present in the load-bearing structures are obviously those that deserve more attention, they depend on various external or internal actions and each of these involves a different visual manifestation:

  • Cracks due to actions due to too high loads on the structure.
  • Cracks and cracks due to deterioration due to poor quality of the materials.
  • Injuries due to subsidence of the foundation soil.
  • Structural degradation due to corrosion of the internal metal reinforcements of beams, pillars, floors.
  • Injuries due to thermal expansion due to fires.
  • Cracks in structures due to shrinkage or expansion of construction materials.
  • Differential absorption of humidity with freeze and thaw cycles.
  • Cracks due to ancient or recent seismic actions.

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